Adoption in Philadelphia

Another option that clients can explore at the Community Women’s Center of Philadelphia is adoption. Adoption is another option you can consider in the case of an unplanned pregnancy. Adoption is the legal process whereby a child is placed by the birth mother with adoptive parents according to an adoption plan set up by the birth mother. There are different types of adoption depending on what your personal desires are.

“I don’t think I could ever do that to a child.”

Often times, women might feel like making an adoption plan for their child is cruel or not in the best interest of the child. Many times, they think of what their child will grow up to think of them someday, and often they feel like their child may resent them. The truth is, children who have been adopted usually end up living well-adjusted and happy lives. Someday they may end up wanting to find out about their birth mother, but usually they end up being more grateful to her for being willing to give them a chance in an adoptive family.

Adoption agencies will help birth mothers and adoptive parents work through issues such as these in a way that keeps the interests of the child in mind. We know that adoption is a difficult decision for anyone to make, but we are here to help you find more information to help you sort through all the facts.

“What if I never want my baby to hear who I am?”

Closed adoption allows the birth parents to keep their names a secret from the child. If the birth mother chooses this option, once the baby is placed with the adoptive parents, she will not hear from the baby or adoptive parents.

Most children who have been adopted through this process grow up and live healthy, well-adjusted lives as full members of their adoptive family.

“What if I want to keep in touch with my baby and see pictures of them as they grow up?”

Open adoption allows for the birth parents to maintain a steady relationship with their child and with their child’s adoptive family. The birth mother can choose how much contact she would like with her child, anywhere from a few pictures and letters a year to regular visits. This allows the birth mother to watch as her child grows up, knowing that he or she is with a caring and loving family.

“I need to take responsibility for my baby.”

It’s a great thing that you want to be responsible for your baby and your baby’s future. Sometimes the best thing for your baby and for you, is to allow another family to raise your child so that you can continue on with the things you want to do. You may even be making the dreams of an adoptive couple come true by making this selfless decision. You can know that you gave your child the best possible plan for their life, and that you are setting them up for a bright future.

Often times, children who were adopted grow up to appreciate and respect the difficult but loving decision their birth mother was willing to make.

“What if I’m not sure?”

Adoption agencies work very carefully with birth mothers and couples who wish to adopt children to make sure that every child is placed with the family that is right for them. The birth mother has the right to be as involved as she wants with the adoption process and the adoptive family that is chosen for her child. The adoption agency takes every aspect of the child’s life into consideration to make sure that the placement will be what is best for the child.

If you are unsure if adoption is right for you, contact us, or contact an adoption agency and speak with someone who can help you find out all the answers to your questions. Adoption can be a difficult decision to make, but it is an option that many people have been grateful they have made.


Hear from some people who have been involved in the adoption process:

“I really am glad I chose adoption… it wasn’t easy, but it was best. I don’t regret it at all because I know that my baby ended up in a loving environment and I am able to go to school and do everything I want to.” – Amy, a birth mother

“The best part of when we brought home Patrick was watching how protective my other son became of him. He immediately jumped right into the big brother role and it was so good to see.” – Anonymous

“My adoption was a ‘closed’ adoption. [It] was a real gift. My adoptive parents always told us we were adopted. They made us feel very special and told us that loving birth parents placed us into their family so that we could have the best of everything.” – Kim, adopted as an infant